Root Sciences Return Policy


6.1 The Customer may return Products purchased on the Site, without any penalty and without specifying any reason.
The Customer must inform the Seller, in the manner referred to in paragraph 6.2, of his/her desire to return Products purchased within the term of 10 days, starting from the day on which the Customer or a delegated person (other than the courier) acquired possession of the Products.

If the Customer made an Order containing more than one Product, Products may be returned at different times, in any case, within and not later than 10 days.

6.2 To return Products, the Customer has to contact headquarters by calling (206) 452-1130 and inform the Seller which purchased items he/she would like to return.

6.3 The return of Products is subject to the following conditions:
– within 10 (ten) days after informing the Seller, the Customer shall return the Products to Seller using one of the following options:
(1) send the Products appropriately packaged to the Seller, choosing one of the following:
a) deliver the Products to headquarters;
b) deliver the Products to the courier chosen by the Customer;
c) delivers the Products to the courier appointed by the Seller.

The Returned Products bought in the same Order could be returned even in different time, within the 10 (ten) days after informing the Seller;
– the Products returned (hereinafter the “Returned Products“) must be returned in their entirety, excluding the possibility of returning only certain parts or components of these products (even in the case of sets);
– the Returned Products must not have been used;
– the Returned Products must be returned packaged exactly as they were shipped;
– the Returned Products were not on sale or clearance;

6.4 In the event a Customer returns a Product, the Seller will reimburse the Customer all payments made for the purchase of the Returned Products, except for the following expenses which, if applicable, will be charged to the Customer:
– the return shipping costs relating to the Returned Products. The Client will not be charged return shipping costs if the Products are damaged during the transportation or in case the Products are defective;
– any payment processing fees incurred when the order was placed;

6.5 After informing the Seller [and receipt of the Products by the Seller], the Customer will receive an e-mail confirming the return entry (hereinafter “Confirmation of Return Entry“) and the Seller will inspect the Products. After Seller’s verification of compliance with all the procedures required by paragraph 6, the Customer will receive an e-mail of approval of the return made (hereinafter “Return Approval”).
The Seller will reimburse the Customer the sum paid for the purchase, net of expenses referred to in paragraph 6.4, of the Returned Products no later than 14 days from Seller’s receipt of the Returned Products. The Seller will mail a check or assign a store credit to the Customers account.

6.6 Product returns that do not comply with the procedures described in paragraph 6 will not be processed. Within 10 days of having been informed that the return was rejected, by responding to the same e-mail, the Customer can choose to have the Products shipped back to him/her, at the Customer’s cost, in the condition in which they were received by the Seller. If the Customer does not request the return of the Products within said time period, the Customer authorizes the Seller, and any of its affiliates or agents, to retain the Products and the price paid, and to dispose of such Products as it sees fit.