Huber CC-304B (UL) – VTA Edition


Huber CC-304B

Heating bath circulation thermostats with a stainless steel bath allow the temperature control of internal and external thermo-regulation tasks. Items can be directly thermo-regulated by placing them in a thermostat bath and the control of externally connected applications is also possible. The units are suitable for a number of typical temperature control tasks such as sample temperature control, materials testing, quality control, etc. The devices are fitted with over-temperature and low level protection in line with Safty Class III/FL according to DIN 12876. A powerful pressure/suction pump ensures optimal circulation and temperature homogeneity in the thermostat bath and also allows temperature control of externally connected applications.

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General information & temperature controller:
Temperature range(-20) 28…300 °C
Temperature stability±0.02 °C
ControllerPilot ONE  (E-grade “Basic”)
Safety classIII / FL
Protection classIP20
Dimensions (W x D x H)210 x 335 x 392 mm  |  8.27 x 13.19 x 15.43 inches
Weight15 kg  |  33.08 pounds
Heating / cooling capacity:
Heating capacity1 – 1,5  kW
Circulation pump:
Pressure pump max.25 lpm ; 0.7 bar  |  6.6 gpm ; 10.15 psi
Suction pump max.18.5 lpm ; 0.4 bar  |  4.89 gpm ; 5.8 psi
Pump connectionM16x1 AG male
Permissible viscosity50 mm²/s
Pump speed adjustableYes
Pt100 connectionPt100
Digital interfaceRS232, Ethernet, USB Device, USB Host
Operating data:
Permissible ambient temp.5…40 °C
Bath opening W x D / BD130 x 100 / 155 mm  |  5.12 x 3.94 / 6.1 inches
Bath volume5 Liters  |  1.32 gal
Filling volume min.3.2 Liters  |  0.85 gal
Power supply200-240V 1~/2~ 50/60Hz
Current max.14,5 A
Fusing15 A

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