Why is my vacuum pump making a loud or an abnormal noise?

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The oil-lubricated dual-stage rotary vane roughing pump (D16B) requires a change of vacuum pump oil every 80-100 operating hours.

Improper extraction or preparation of the oil can cause excessively rapid fouling in the pump.

Ensure all extraction and pre-processing best practices are being followed (important).

After extreme use or a lack of sufficient oil changes, the vacuum pump can sometimes become damaged, which will require either replacement or will need to be disassembled and rebuilt with consumable parts replaced.

It is generally recommended that a replacement pump is ordered, as the rebuilding process is lengthy, and it can be difficult to obtain good results.

More information can be found in SOP – Vacuum Troubleshooting.

Please reach out to technical support or sales department at +1 (206) 452-1130 for one-on-one assistance or quoting.

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