Why is my Huber showing the code of “variable speed fault?”

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When shutting down Huber heaters and chillers, it is important that the unit’s power switch not be turned off until the unit is fully shut down, or else the valve on the outlet of the unit may become stuck halfway in its throw, somewhere between open and closed.  

To properly shut down a Huber: 

  1. press the stop button in the bottom right of the home screen for the pump icon to become stationary 
  2. the RPM readout below it will read “PUMP” (This means the pump is fully disengaged, the valve has closed) 
  3. power to the unit may now be turned off 

To fix this issue, you may need to re-flash the Pilot One on the Huber unit. 

If you need additional assistance, please call technical support at +1 (206) 452-1130. 

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