Why did the feed side of the gear pump seize (or stop) while the feed tank is full of cannabis oil?

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If the feed tank seizes (or stops) while the feed tank is full of oil, sometimes this can be remedied by: 

  1. setting the feed temperature to 130 degrees C for 30 minutes 
  2. then re-engage the pump 

If you have followed the above steps and this does not fix your problem, you may then try the following steps: 

  1. remove the perforated shroud covering the gear (coupling the motor to the gear pump) 
  2. rotate the gear by hand 
  3. and then reengage the pump 

If your problem still persists, then try the following:  

  1. turn the feed system off 
  2. wait for the product to cool completely 
  3. then follow SOP-Gear Pump Clean 

More information can be found in SOP – Gear Pump Clean

If you need additional assistance, please call technical support at +1 (206) 452-1130. 

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