What thermal fluids are used in each heating or chilling bath?

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All Hubers, except the chiller for the cold trap, will receive Marlotherm SH.

For the cold trap chillers, we recommend a suitable thermal transfer fluid such as 99% isopropyl or ethanol.

While other fluids can be used, we recommend reaching out to Root Sciences Technical Support prior to using a different fluid.

Typically, we recommend replacing the thermal fluid in the feed, residue, and condensing baths every 24 months, and the fluid in the evaporator should be replaced every 6 months.

The fluid in the cold trap should be topped off every month so that it completely submerges the cooling coils in the bath in order to prevent water from condensing on them and contaminating the alcohol.

If water does contaminate the alcohol, it will cause it to appear discolored or hazy, in which case it can be easily drained and refilled with clean 99% isopropyl or ethanol.

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